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“Building strong foundations for a lifetime of learning”

We work hard to live up to our motto. We have created objectives based on developmental stages to ensure every child is getting the best quality early childhood education, which will set the crucial learning foundations for later successful school experiences.

Using our knowledge of brain development and the highest standards of early childhood education, these objectives were created to meet the educational needs of children in a way that is both:

         1.        Progressive - Building on previous experience and learning

         2.        Comprehensive - Encompassing all areas of development

Not all children will meet these objectives in the same way, time or order.  The teachers at The Hearth Academy Preschool are experienced in meeting each child’s need according to his or her own development.  This is referred to as “differentiated learning.”  Differentiated learning gives a child more time and experience to learn something new and will also give them the ability to extend their learning to the next level. 

The Hearth Academy learning objectives are the goals that guide our teachers in planning appropriate lessons for each age group. We teach these goals through interesting and engaging topics that are based around current events and themes that relate to the world around us as well as our student’s interests. 

Our teachers offer whole group, small group, and individual learning activities while offering an environment that allows for work-based play.  Play-based learning activities are utilized in the classroom to stimulate independent learning and self-guided instruction, which is the best practice for early learning. Learning through play will help children to make those brain connections that will aid in future learning and help develop a love of learning and school. We strive to ensure each child has a balanced education between guided instruction and independent learning to help prepare them for a successful transition into the elementary school environment.

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Call for more information!    402-614-5400
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