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 Class Offerings


             Preschool (3 years old by July 31st)

                  Early Preschool is the first year of our program and focuses on "learning" to be part of a class, to separate from parents and develop social skills such as sharing and taking turns.

In addition to social/emotional development, we also focus on themed curriculum areas including:              
Letter recognition    *    Rhyming/Phonemic Awareness       *      Sorting and classifying        *         Shapes        * 

Name recognition        *          Colors        *       Numerals 1-10   *   One-to-one correspondence    *    

Patterns        *          Fine and gross motor activities    *        Art     *     Music and movement    *

Sensory exploration      *       Scientific discovery        *       Food Crafts   *      Social study of self and family

    A.M.    8:30/8:45 – 11:20            10:1 Ratio       
      A.M.    8:30/8:45 – 11:20            10:1 Ratio      

MW       P.M.    12:50 - 3:20                       8:1 Ratio  ** Note: this class begins January 2019.  Children turning 3 by                                                                                                      1/1/19  may  enroll.  



          Pre-K (4 years old by July 31st)

                Pre-K classes build upon the skills and knowledge from the year before and prepares children to transition into Kindergarten.  We continue to develop social and emotional skills including fostering confidence and independence in self-care and problem-solving.  We work in large groups, small groups and individually to develop lifelong learning habits and skills such as listening, following directions and questioning.

Curriculum areas at this age are based around monthly themes and literature, build on existing skills/knowledge and include: 

Early reading skills    *       Phonemic awareness     *      Phonic/letter knowledge      *     Letter formation      *

Name writing     *      Numerals to 20+      *      Extending/creating patterns       *     Simple graphs/data collection

Creating and comparing sets       *     Measuring      *      Making and testing hypotheses      *        Cooking       *
Fine and gross motor activities     *      Music and movement      *      Exploring and creating art   



            A.M.    8:30/8:4545 – 11:30               12:1 Ratio        

            P.M.    12:30 – 3:30                           12:1 Ratio      


            A.M.    8:30/8:45 – 11:30                   12:1 Ratio       

            P.M.    12:30 – 3:30                           12:1 Ratio       

                          Parent's Day Out/Enrichment  11:30am-3:30pm
(ages 3 and up)

                                       Parents and children will love our Parent's Day Out!  Our program gives children an opportunity to play and socialize in a caring, secure environment.  We will have fun exploring art, music, movement, stories and playing together in ways that are fun and educational.  Snack  will be included in the afternoon PDO session.  We offer two options for Parent's Day Out:

               Year-round option:   Secure your days  for the entire year by paying monthly at our lower rate.
               Drop-in option:         If spaces are available, you may sign up for drop in sessions as needed.

  A minimum number of enrolled students are needed to run sessions.